Colour Box Expert is Mobihel’s all-in-one premium colour documentation solution.
• Contains over 11.500 different colour chips for all top coat qualities.
• Comprehensive collection of the most used OEM standard colours as
well as multiple variants.
• Classified under the proprietary Mobihel code and correlated with Formulation Software algorithm – provides fast and easy colour reference and identification.
• Chips are arranged in chromatic order to ensure colour identification even when colour code is unknown or the vehicle has been repaired with a different variant.
• Especially usefull when needing to repair a vehicle with many colour variations on the surface or different panels.
• All chips are sprayed with original Mobihel paint to provide an accurate comparison of the mixed formula with the object to be repaired.
• Chip spraying technology is adjusted to fit hand application habits in bodyshops – thus ensuring a very close match with the actual colour.
• Avoids unnecessary spraying of initial test colour cards – providing for a real fast colour identification process.
• Regularly twice per year updates to all new OEM colours and most used variants.
• Modular system to allow easy extension.
By using in combination the Mobihel Formulation Software, the Colour Box Expert and the Colour Wizard you obtain a complete Colour Management Solution that ensures fast and perfect colour process and repair.Colour Box Expert