Professional colour management software.
• Over 550.000 colours database for different coating qualities.
• Cover complete requirements from classic colours (1920’s) to latest
colour trends (matt, structured, etc.).
• Universal search optimized database.
• Automatic cross-referencing of difficult, complex and OEM specific
colour coding.
• Worldwide centralized database.
• Clear display of the regional variants and most used variants.
• Visual display of colours lists – for a quick and easy identification when
colour code is unknown.
• Fast search and results.
• Price management.
• Custom formulations.
• User friendly designed interface.
• Quick and easy operation – less click’s required to mixing stage.
• Scale connected weighing with visual and sound indicators for an
accurate mixing.
• Regular 2-3 updates per year, or
• Automatic online updating .
• Web based version availability.
• Pre-set for connecting with all existing scales, scanners and label printers.
• Colour Wizard connection.
By using in combination the Mobihel Formulation Software, the Colour Box Expert and the Colour Wizard you obtain a complete Colour Management Solution that ensures fast and perfect colour process and repair.