• Colour Wizard Spectrophotometer is a high-quality and reliable multi-angle device to provide fast and accurate results.
• The optical measurement hardware unit is designed to Mobihel specific measurement technology and colour algorithms.
• Works in conjunction with its dedicated Colour Wizard Software and the Mobihel Formulation Software.
• The Colour Wizard Software is a laboratory grade software solution adapted for the daily use in bodyshops.
• It’s a complete 3-in-1 solution that provides results for any colour needs: – SEARCH
• Returns fast and accurate results due to an innovative colour decomposition
• Possible also for completely unknown colours or colour identification data. CORRECTION:
• Automatic correction recommendation.
• Multi-stage correction provide an accurate tracing of the correction steps. SIMULATION:
• Live simulation of adjustments provide visual display of the impact on the
reference colour.
• Excellent in providing a quick overview of the adjustments chosen.
• Avoids unnecessary spraying of test colour cards at every adjustment.
• Allows creation of fully customized colours without need of actual product mixing.
By using in combination the Mobihel Formulation Software, the Colour Box Expert and the Colour Wizard you obtain a complete Colour Management Solution that ensures fast and perfect colour process and repair.