ROBERLO Plastifix Pocket is a unique, cordless hot stapler in pocket size for repairing all sorts of plastics by means of RVS clips. With this you can quickly and qualitatively repair plastic. You can use it quick without having to warm it up first. Because the Plastifix Pocket works on a battery so it is very user friendly and allows you to get to hard to reach places. It also has a LED for better view on the repair area.

With one load you can use more than 600 staples. With the Plastic Stapling Kit you don’t receive the bumper, you repair it. With this you save on parts and time! The Stapling Kit plastic reparation set is ideal for repairing ripped bumpers, torn apart eyes and broken attachment points. The various clips are mounted in 3 different positions.

The PLASTIC HOT STAPLING Kit will be supplied with a handy carrying case, including 6 boxes with 25 staples/clips, battery charger and manual.